About The High Chef

We are a canninus infused food catering collective.

Here at The High Chef we're family. THC was founded by a bunch of friends who got together after a walk into, "I think we can do this, I think we can make some the best edibles out there!While staying away from the brownies, cookies, Rice Krispie Treats and all the other generic recipes. Let’s do something different and present it in a way that is good wholesome." We Traverse in many different styles but a rooter and Southern Home Cooking is what we do. When you eat one of our meals you feel as though you're at a table with your family. Medicating in a safe and comfortable manner, knowing that your meal is one of the best things you can eat, one of the best ways you can medicate, we provide you with an alternative from the cookie cutter basic nonsense in states with the best, The High Chef.

Flavor out of this world.

You can check out our food menu of feel good foods here.

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